Changing Lives One Ingredient At A Time™

Passion is fruitless unless you can step up and step out, and put to action the ideals wrapped up in what you are passionate about. That's what we do here every single day. We've done our research and are passionate about sharing the wealth of knowledge. Aside from sharing educationally, we want to offer healthier alternatives to great skin and body care, because we care. Here's a bit about why we have set out to develop a dynamic skin care line…

What we know

Every single day millions are being exposed to a nasty chemical cocktail of...
Carcinogens | Hormone disrupters | Allergens | Reproductive toxins | Neurotoxins

These awful chemicals are found in many popular skin care products!

The skin is the body's largest organ and it's your shield against the surrounding environment.

Some compounds that are applied to the skin's surface can be absorbed into the body,especially skin care productswhich are specifically designed to move the active ingredients deep into the skin.

A single skin care product can contain dozens of synthetic chemicals.

No one knows for sure what happens when you mix dozens (or even hundreds) of these chemicals together on your skin on a daily basis… and for decades.

There simply hasn’t been enough research done to assess cumulative exposure to the 4,000+ chemicals that chemists can use when concocting skin care products.

Often heard: “But I’ve been using my skin care prodcuts for years without any apparent reaction”

Developing a "reaction" on your skin should be the least of your concerns.

Chemicals commonly found in many "best-selling" skin care products have been linked to health problems like…
Breast Cancer | Learning disabilities | Obesity | Eczema | Asthma | Damaged sperm

Skin care companies include toxic chemicals in their formulas because they are…
Cheap to make | Easy to obtain | Have a long shelf life

It seems they are more concerned with making money than they are with making safe products.

Here's where we step up and stand out, providing you a healthier alternative to youthful skin…

The Return to Youth approach is simple

Feed the body with natural ingredients and the body will intuitively know what to do with it.

Breathtaking radiance and glow
Supple, youthful appearance
Flawless, even skin tone
Defined, lifted features
Relaxed and refreshed look

By combining traditional, natural ingredients and the newest scientific discoveries, we have produced a unique collection of all-natural skin care products that work in rhythm with nature to restore healthy, youthful, beautiful skin.

We use new ingredients discovered by the latest anti-aging research! Return to Youth Exceeds Industry for Peptide Inclusion and Dosage.

There are two main peptides in the Return to Youth Anti-Aging Serum formulation that are very expensive! This is why most wrinkle cream formulators include peptides as less than 6% of their formulation.

At Return to Youth we fill our Anti-Aging Serum with up to 20% peptides in every bottle ~ well above the rest.

There is NO other product on the market that can match the performance of our product. Our products work hand in hand with Mother Nature to roll back the clock. They are the cleanest yet the most result orientated in the industry.