Return to Youth is a health spa and product line that offers an array of healing therapies to restore the body and improve overall health. The founder, Kerry Corso, strives at every opportunity to promote, educate, and provide holistic tips and strategies, for whole-body well-ness, focusing on health and healing from the inside out.

About the Health Spa

Nestled along the busy Edison Park, Chicago business district on Northwest Highway, amongst a footpath of restaurants and shops, you'll find our welcoming and quaint spa. You'll quickly find comfort and feel right at home in the soothing ambiance of rustic elegance, and earthy character of wood and stone, a finely detailed ascetic meant to settle the senses and allow for relaxation to set in. Rest assured you can put your cares aside during your visit and trust that you are supported along the way of your health and wellness journey.

Whether you are scheduled for a relaxing massage, or ready to dive into a detox program, we are here to make your visit a respite and enriching.

As well as our many services we also have a heath boutique, where you can shop from many options of face and body care products, systemic health supplements, and more.

About the Products

Changing Lives One Ingredient At A Time™, because we believe in using the safest and healthiest ingredients on our skin, and want to share them with you, too.

RTY Mission & Promise

Quality | Efficacy | Purity | Reliability | Integrity

Return to Youth's mission is to promote a message that healing comes from within, and to provide approachable education, tips and strategies, healing therapies, and an array of products with unsurpassed purity and performance.