10 Day Cleanse & Detox Challenge

Give your body the best gift!

Lose 10 pounds | Look 10 years younger | Live 10 years longer!

The RTY Cleanse/Detox Program will reduce the load of toxins going into the body and help speed up the process of getting the toxins out of the body by adding in cleansing foods, nutraceuticals and infrared sauna therapy. Removing the most inflammatory foods will help identify which ones are the triggers for your body. Finally, it will help heal your gut, reduce cravings and reset your system.

Note: Recommended to meet for an orientation at least 2 days prior to your start date. Decide which 10 Days works best with your schedule (recommended to start on a Monday or Tuesday so you only have one weekend during the cleanse) and call to set up an orientation day.

Cost: $225

10 Day Cleanse & Detox Challenge Includes:

  • Protocol
  • Health & Wellness Educational Material
  • Recipes and Sample Schedule
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy during RTY Challenge
  • Complimentary Cryotherapy Session
  • Skin Renewal Treatment
  • 10% off all products and services at RTY while Enrolled
  • PLUS more special discounts and free services with our Partnerships!

How to Enroll

Let us know on the contact form or call directly at 773-930-4225.